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(Security deposit 100€)
If you need a bed with the right features to care for a patient at home, this is the right choice.

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  • Sundays until 14:00 hours
  • Refundable security deposit
  • All prices include VAT

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Electric articulated bed with four planes, three joints and a mattress sized 90 x 200 cm. It incorporates a forklift with wheels and a linear motor for the greatest comfort of the patient and the caregiver. It also has a set of folding railings, headboard and footboard.

The motor control allows you to easily modify the position of the bedridden person (incorporate them, raise their legs, etc.), adapting to the needs of each moment. Likewise, the control allows the height of the bed to be changed, facilitating access to the bedridden person and daily hygiene tasks. In this way the caregiver performs his work more easily and with less risk to their back.

This rental is only done in Valencia and the metropolitan area, since the bed has to be assembled at the user's house. Check delivery locations.

The mattress is not rented for hygiene reasons.



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