Orthopedics and Pharmacy Granel

Your trusted Pharmacy in Valencia

Opened in 1950 by Mrs. Josefina Ivorra Marco, at Farmacia Granel we have not stopped growing and innovating, incorporating new technologies in order to provide better care to the health and quality of life of our clients.

Currently, our team is made up of a doctor of pharmacy, three pharmacists, two assistants, two orthoprosthetic technicians and a nutritionist. All of them will assist you and resolve your possible doubts, advising you with the best options in pharmacy, parapharmacy, orthopedics and nutrition.


Careful attention to our clients has been and continues to be, from the beginning, the fundamental pillar of our work.


We have extended hours so that you have the possibility of visiting our pharmacy at a time that best suits you.


Our group of experts acquires constant education in the different health areas that concern us.


We dedicate special attention to the hearing-impaired community, as well as English and German-speaking customers.


Excellence is the fundamental purpose of our pharmaceutical establishment, consisting of providing high-level care to any individual who comes to visit us.

Free Parking

We provide you with free parking, in the parking lot next to the pharmacy, to make your visit more comfortable.