Pharmacotherapeutic Monitoring

With the aim of organizing medication to minimize possible Adverse Medication Reactions (ADR) and facilitate treatment compliance. To do this, we study each medication, structure the dosage regimen and explain to the patient why it has been prescribed and what effects they can expect.

Personalized Drug Dosing System

We prepare a weekly blister with all the medications organized by doses (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Night). To help patients correctly complete the treatment in a comfortable and safe way.

telemedicine service

Through the link sent from the pharmacy, customers will have access to consultations on: General Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Nutrition and Dietetics, COVID Emergencies, PCR at home, Psychology and Veterinary Medicine.

Master Formulation

Making or ordering master formulas prescribed by the doctor.

Smoking Cessation Consultation

With our Expert Pharmacist who monitors the patient who has decided to stop smoking, accompanying them, evaluating and helping them in each phase of this process.

Dermatological advice and dermocosmetic advice

Our pharmacists, experts in pharmaceutical care in dermatology, study the needs of the skin and scalp from babies to adults, proposing a personalized ritual of specific care and treatments.

Food Intolerance Test

Through an innovative, non-invasive method (without needles)

Advice on Natural Medicine

Phytotherapy, Bioregulatory Medicine and Homeopathy.