Product Description

Suitable for patients up to 150 kg. It is designed to be used at home. It offers safety, functionality, and reliability.

It is important to make sure  the dimensions of the crane that is going to be rented, to ensure the smooth handling and maneuvering at the home or propierty 0it is going to be used in . As it is electric , it is really easy to use. A transfer crane can be of great help for caregivers, but to actually perform the operations correctly and in a comfortable manner for the caregiver and the patient, it is important to learn how to handle it. There is a large amount of information, resources, and videos on the Internet to learn. Even so, when we make the delivery  we will show it to you.

This rental is only done in Valencia and nearby areas areas  , because it is taken to the place of use  and the management is taught (consult by telephone the possibility of delivery in your area).

The harness needed for the transfer of the patient with the crane has to be purchased separately for  hygiene reasons