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  • electric bed rental with car


44,50 / week

Ifyouneedabedwiththeappropriate functions to take care of apatientathome ,thisistherightchoice.
2 weeks (minimum)89€
1 month169€
2 months295€

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Product Description

Articulated electrical bed with four planes , three joints and f the box-spring beds

Articulated electrical bed with four planes and three joints and  of the box-spring dimensions of 90 x 200 cm. It incorporates a lift truck with wheels and a linear motor for the comfort of the patient and the caregiver. It also carries a set of folding handrails, headboard and footboard.

The engine control allows you to easily change the position of the bedridden  person (incorporate them, raise their legs, etc.), adapting to the needs of each moment. In addition, the control allows the bed hight modification , facilitating the access to the bedridden   and the daily hygiene tasks. This way , the caregivers can do their work more easily and with less risk of hurting their back.

This rental is only done in Valencia and its metropolitan area , as the bed needs to be built in the user’s house. Consultdelivery places.

The mattress is not rented for reasons of hygiene.



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